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    The Profitable Brand Guide:  The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Profitable Brand that Makes Your Competition Irrelevant will give you the tools you need to build that premium brand.

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Your brand is your promise to your ideal customers.  Developing a strong brand encompasses your web and print design, logo creation and your marketing strategy. When partnering with my clients I help clarify your brand message so it is effectively conveyed through all mediums.   My design aesthetic is simple, clean and intuitive. Information today needs to be processed instantly. When designing your logo and visuals, they will convey your brand at a glance.  It is important that your brand builds credibility, confidence and memorability in your business.  When your brand visuals are consistent in design and messaging it speaks volumes to the world about who you are as a business and what you are here to offer.  Click Here to get more information on starting the process of developing your brand.  Brand Development Services range from $497-$1,497 USD. I only take on 4 clients per month and I am currently booked until June 2016. I will begin scheduling in new clients in May 2016. Payment plans are available.


Here’s the reality, when someone is interested in doing business with you the first thing they do is google who you are and what you do.  Your website is your businesses "main hub" and the look and feel of your website says a lot about you and your brand.   If your website is dated, cluttered and content randomly placed, it says a lot about how you do business and it diminishes your perceived value. Your presence should feel comfortable, inviting, and a breath of fresh air but most importantly, it should feel like YOU. Your website is your ideal customer’s first experience with your business.  When you have it together on your website there is an expectation that you must have it together in your business, products and offerings. Yes, this is just perception people have.  I believe when I work with a client I agree to partner with their vision, purpose and assignment.

                                                   MY IDEAL CLIENT FITS MY PARTNERSHIP CRITERIA:
You’re an amazing entrepreneur that has been in business for at least 5 years.  You appreciate simplicity and my design aesthetic (clean, classic, and modern).

You have a website but it doesn’t feel like “YOU”.  You know the value of a great website and understand that it is like a savvy business partner that is working for you while you sleep.

You’re ready to INVEST in your business, knowing that the time to take your business to a new level is NOW!

Click Here to Start the Process. I am looking forward to working with you.  
Custom Website Designs with all the bells and whistles start at $3,200 USD. I only take on 10 clients per year and I am currently booked until July 2016. I will begin scheduling in new clients in May 2016. Payment plans are available.